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M-10 Builders LLC established in June 2006.

M-10 Builders LLC is engaged in all aspects of structural works starting from design, preparation of shop/manufacturing drawings, fabrication, surface preparation and painting and to final construction/erection and installation.

M-10 Builders LLC fully integrated fabrication plant is now under construction in Dubai undertaken by M-10 Builders LLC to cater for the construction industry in UAE. The fabrication facility, occupying 44,000 sq meters of land will have a production capacity of 40,000 metric ton per annum.

M-10 Builders LLC represents M10 Builders largest investment, surpassing its Malaysian operations and is the centre of the global group's activities.

The local sponsor CBCA (Creative Business Consultancy & Agencies LLC), CBCA is in the field of commercial and economic consultancy for local clients and international firms, and promoting and developing business opportunities in various fields. CBCA is owned by Mr. Khalifa Eissa Mobarak Al Khaili & Hamad Rashid Mobarak Al Khaili.

Currently M-10 Builders LLC has signed the contract with Five Star Real Estate for Al Zabeel Mall to supply, design connection, fabrication, painting and erection of steel structure for approximately 10000 metric tons of steel.

Zabeel Mall is a unique blend of sophisticated retail and luxury leisure facilities. Global and regional retailers will bring their up market brands into the palatial glass and steel mall, which is expected to transform shopping and leisure in Dubai as the Emirate bids to become retail capital of the world. The Zabeel mall consists of approx 148,645 sq.meter, of commercial space, out of which 65,000 sq.meter, can be leased. With more than 300 shops in 8 stories-building within-a-mall will form the centerpiece of the mallís unique retail offering.

The Mall offers entertainments, dining and culture, gold, watches, The Jewelry showrooms, Food Court, Electronics & Computer, Childrenís wear and more.

Also M-10 Builders LLC has signed the contract with Dubai Rapid Link Consortium for Dubai Metro Project Civil Works and Structural Steel Works for over ground Stations (9 stations). Total steel work approximately 11000 metric tons of steel, plus about 28500 meter cube of reinforced concrete.



Offices and Contact Information in UAE:


Postal Address:
P.O. Box 107930
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi:
!8th Floor, Ghanim bin Hilala Al Mazroui Building,
Airport Road, Abu Dhabi.
Tel: +971 2 633 3566 Fax: +971 2 631 3170
Al Balooshi Warehouse No. 6 (Commercial Warehouse)
Plot No. 358-453,
Al Quoz Industrial Area 3,
Tel: +971 4 367 4482; Fax: +971 4 367 4483

Officers and Key Employees in the UAE:
Mazlan Manaf,
Regional Director
Mobile Number: +971 50 283 5700; Email: mazlanmanaf@gmail.com
Mazin Abdul Majeed,
Technical Manager, Dubai Branch.
Mobile Number: +971 50 298 3154; email: mk2000i@yahoo.com
Mohan Nambiar
Sales Manager, Dubai Branch
Mobile Number:  +971 50 587 1867
Haji Bakri
Sponsor Representative, Abu Dhabi
Mobile Number: +971 50 818 5960