M-10 Builders Sdn. Bhd. could not have achieved what it has today if not for the continuous support it receives. We acknowledge the significance of fostering long-term relationships with each and one of our valued clients which is why we are determined to improve our efforts in delivering service of the highest quality to our clients as well as sustaining our status as leaders of the steel structure industry.

M-IO Builders is accredited with ISO 9001:2000, audited by Bureau Veritas and the Corporate Quality Management and documentation of the firm is approved by BSI Management System and certified to ISO 9001:2000; the highest known International Standard for Quality Management System.

M-IO Builders shall undertake each project with the level of commitment and dedication second to none, alongside ensuring that the specific requirements of each contract are achieved on time, within the allocated budget and to the highest Quality Standards.

M-IO Builders shall provide each client with a Project Quality Assurance Plan, together with the associated procedures, method statements and checklist, specifically tailored to achieve the requirements of each particular client.

M-IO Builders shall be organised to ensure that well-qualified and capable personnel shall be made available to represent M-IO Builders  in ensuring compliance with the above policies.

M-IO Builders is committed to performing scheduled audits and management reviews of the Corporate Quality Management System to ensure the above policies are maintained satisfactorily.


This Policy statement is produced pursuant to our statutory obligations.

It explains our commitment to safety and health for the duration of any contract in an area shared with myriad of other works by other contractors in different stages of their contract.

It is also moulded to cater for the implementation works in relation to this contract package.

The Management Team is committed to:

  • Protect the safety and health of all person, (including the general public), involved in and affected by this contract works.

  • Comply with all relevant statutory and contractual health and safety requirements.

  • Ensure that construction management consider safety aspects taking into account the health and safety of all persons who are involved in the work.

  • Provide trained, experienced and competent management and supervision.

  • Provide and monitor plant, places and systems of work that are safe and not detrimental to health

  • Provide all personnel with adequate information, instruction and supervision.

  • Effectively monitor the activities of all subcontractors in respect of safety and health at work.

  • Establish effective communication on safety and health matters between the relevant parties involved in the works.


M-IO BUILDERS seeks to achieve the business objectives in a manner that causes least harm to the environment and, constantly trying to achieve sustainable improvement in people's lives.

M-IO BUILDERS aims are:

  • To analyse and understand the repercussions of our activities on the environment.

  • To exercise the same concern for the environment wherever we provide services.

  • To adopt practices which lead to improvements in environmental performance where practicable.

  • To conserve energy, reduce consumption of raw materials and to reduce waste.

To achieve these aims we shall:

  • Instill a sense of responsibilty for environmental management within the employees.

  • Apply high standards of Environmental Impact Assessment which are endorsed by third parties as representing best practice.

  • Treat legally binding environmental conditions as the absolute minimum criteria and to encourage the adoption of more stringent criteria wherever appropriate.

  • Assess the impacts of our business activities on the environment and identify and prioritise the areas of our business where improvements in environmental performance might be achieved.

  • Develop environmental performance indices for areas of our business identified as being priorities for improving environmental performance, understand those factors which lead to improved environmental performance and apply this understanding to future work.

  • Develop and implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) which has at its heart the objective of achieving improved environmental performance and seek to obtain and maintain formal certification of the EMS to ISO14001.

  • Encourage the practical implementation of the EMS as part of the day-to-day management and delivery of our services and encourage the identification and implementation of practices which will lead to improved environmental performance.

  • Set targets and objectives for achieving improved environmental performance and review and set new targets on a continuous basis.

  • Encourage suppliers, sub-consultants and clients to adopt practices which will lead them to improve their environmental performance.

M-IO BUILDERS will undertake effective communication to:

  • Ensure that employees are aware of our environmental policy and are motivated to apply it, are aware of their own responsibilities and are given the support and encouragement required to fulfill them.

  • Provide meaningful information on our environmental performance, the objectives and targets we have set and the progress we make in achieving them.

  • Develop a sense of pride in the achievements we make and provide examples of our experience as an encouragement to others.

  • Ensure that we can be held accountable for the achievement of objectives and targets which we have set for ourselves.

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